Currituck’s County’s Best Commercial Properties

DSC_0114.jpgCurrituck County’s commercial real estate scene features prime sites for office, industrial, restaurant and retail companies.

Located on the coast of the Atlantic, Currituck County boasts a great location for businesses. Office complexes, heavy manufacturing parks, as well as prime restaurant and retail sites are a big part of Currituck’s attraction and the center of the local business community.

The Pearl of Currituck Commercial Properties

Perhaps the most ambitious business development to take flight in Currituck County is Maple Commerce Park, featuring shovel-ready lots with flexible acreage configurations (2 acres and up).

State-certified and zoned for heavy manufacturing (HM), the 600-plus-acre Maple Commerce Park offers future tenants access and expertise from the College of the Albemarle Aviation & Technical Center and the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension. Additionally, the vast wooded park is home to walking trails, fields, the Currituck County Recreation Center and local YMCA.

With easy access to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway System and air transportation – both Currituck County Regional and Norfolk International Airport – as well as strong highway and rail options, the $40-million park is ready-built for the importing and exporting of goods and products.

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Additional Commercial Sites

As with most areas that derive substantial revenue from the tourism industry, Currituck County retail and restaurant businesses benefit from the boon of a thriving vacationing population.

Many of these commercial properties are exactly what you would expect: fresh seafood markets, vast grocery stores and a slew of both independent and chain restaurants ranging from fast casual to upscale dining that are frequented by full-time residents and visitors alike.

weeping-radish-currituck-outer-banks-nc0.jpgHowever, Currituck also features a growing cottage food and beverage industry including everything from vineyards to an organic brewery, Weeping Radish Farm Brewery, which is North Carolina’s oldest micro-brewery.

Distribution is aided on a local level from the bustling, seasonal Farmer’s Market and on a more global level by the proximity of the Port of Virginia, which facilitates convenient importing of raw materials and exporting of finished food and beverage products. Additionally, there are many sites offering convenient rail access.

Currituck County’s commercial properties cater to a variety of industries and to businesses of all sizes – including those seeking sprawling mega sites. More than anything else, Currituck offers many sites that benefit from superior infrastructure, access and a pro-business climate.

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