Major Industries


Currituck County is positioned in the ideal location on the eastern shore of North Carolina in very close proximity to the Norfolk Naval Base and the Port Of Virginia, opening up many possibilities for your business to distribute your goods and services worldwide. 


Ideal Conditions for Agriculture and Food Related Businesses

More than just farm country, Currituck County is an ideal site to establish or expand your food-related business.  Host to a seasonal Farmer's Market, it's also home to an organic brewery and winery. Our access to a wide selection of raw products and proximity to the Hampton Roads region and Port of Virginia facilitates ease of product development and distribution to locations worldwide. 

Maritime On Time

Our coastal location in close proximity to the Norfolk Naval Base and the Port of Virginia offers enviable access to the global marketplace.  Additional direct import/export options include major rail and highways, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway system and the Currituck County Regional Airport, the only Outer Banks airport serving regional jet aircraft, neighboring Norfolk International Airport.

Locally Established Businesses

While it is the goal of Currituck County to attract new businesses that effectively utilize the region's amenities and workforce, it is equally important that we nurture and support our existing business partners with a variety of useful resources and tools at both local and state levels. 

These industries are just a selection of the types of industries that can be successful in Currituck County. If your business or industry would benefit from our close proximity to the Norfolk Naval Base, the Port of Virginia or the east coast corridor, then give us a call to find out more information about building your business in Currituck County.