Cosmo's Pizzeria

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Matthew Broughton has owned and operated Cosmo’s Pizza since 2004.  Today the restaurant has two locations in Corolla and started catering operations in 2015, featuring a unique mobile, wood-fired pizza oven (on the back of a red trailer) that allows Matthew to craft artisan pizzas on-site.

Do you remember the moment you decided to start your business?

Yes, I was working at Corolla Surf Shop and picking up shifts at night at Cosmo’s. The former owner was over the restaurant life. I told him that if he was serious, we should talk. And we did!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a small business owner?

I love happy people and good times! I’ve worked in restaurants since I was 12. My fondest memories as a kid always involved food and drinks. I love bringing that happiness to other families.

Why did you choose to open a business in Currituck County?

I lived in Currituck as a teenager and went away to college at Ohio University. After I graduated, I came back to live and work full time in the Outer Banks. I live in Dare now that I have kids.

What’s your biggest challenge in Currituck County?

The seasonal business and seasonal cash flow.

What are the biggest rewards?

So many of our customers come here every summer, so it’s great to see those vacation families grow up year to year.

What sets your business apart?

We’re a good old-fashioned mom and pop pizza shop.

What advice you would give to someone starting a business in Currituck?

Save! Save! Save!


Contact Info

1159 Austin Street
and 520 Old Stoney Road
in Corolla, NC.

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