The Secret to North Carolina’s Unbeatable Labor Market

unbeatable-labor-market-north-caorlinaBusiness owners around the world are in a constant search for talented workers. Without a skilled workforce, businesses will struggle to effectively serve customer needs, which will inevitably affect the bottom line. As a result, finding an unbeatable labor market has become a top priority for business owners when deciding where to relocate.

In a 2014 survey of over 37,000 employers in 42 countries conducted by Manpower Group, 36% report having difficulty filling jobs — the highest level in seven years. The report, entitled 2014 Talent Shortage Survey, says 54% of respondents believe their inability to find talented workers will have a “high or medium impact” on their ability to meet client needs. Here in America, the problem is even more pronounced: 40% of employers report having difficulty finding workers with the skills they need.

There is a solution. Consider the state of North Carolina as the relocation destination for your business and reap the rewards of our unbeatable labor market.

North Carolina’s Higher Education Institutions (NCHE institutions) include 16 universities of the University of North Carolina System, 36 independent colleges and universities, 58 community colleges, and the clinics and hospitals associated with the NCHE institutions.

Find out more about the schools that feed the labor market in Currituck County.

NCHE Institutions

The system flagship, UNC-Chapel Hill, was the nation’s first public university, established in 1789. From Western Carolina University, to North Carolina Central University, to East Carolina, our public universities span the state and are accessible to all. With significant state funding, tuition rates are below the national average, and the 220,000 enrolled students have more than 200 academic programs to choose from. System-wide, only 15% of students are from out-of-state, so these talented students are from North Carolina and they stay in North Carolina.

Community Colleges

Our 58 community colleges are located in all 100 counties in the state, ensuring that every resident in the state lives within a 30 minute commute of an institution of higher education. Focused sharply on technical and career skills training, community college curricula prepares students for the emerging businesses and industries of the state.

Independents and Military Trainees

In addition to its robust public higher ed options, North Carolina is home to 36 independent colleges and universities, including Duke and Wake Forest Universities, along with many other faith-based independents. Also, more than 10,000 skilled and mature men and women enter the workforce each year following their service to America on one of North Carolina’s eight military bases. More than ever, these talented people are taking advantage of multiple state benefits, including a low tax rate on their Veterans pension, and they are staying in-state for their careers.

The laborshed in North Carolina provides exceptional talent at an arm’s length for North Carolina business owners. With a low cost of living and high quality of life, it’s no wonder that North Carolina’s worker is 36% more productive than national workers. As you explore your relocation options, consider the unbeatable labor market in North Carolina as your sustaining competitive advantage.

If your business is located in a neighboring state, you could access this unbeatable labor market and save a bundle with Nother Carolina's low corporate tax rate just by moving your business over the border. Download our free gudie to see if relocation might be the right choice for your business.


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